The exterior of your house is the last thing you see as you leave home in the morning and the first that welcomes you on your return. It’s condition reflects on you and tells the world who you are.

Poorly maintained exterior decoration can drag down the tone of the neighborhood and will reduce the sale-ability of your property and inevitably lower it’s value. Worse still you cannot pay no heed to the condition of its decoration, as the walls, doors and windows are all that stands between all your possession and the elements.

Ignoring the condition of your exterior decoration can result in expensive structural repairs to walls and rotten windows, fascias and soffits at a later date.

Good exterior decoration can add the “wow” factor to your house like nothing else. It can transform a tired drab house into a show-stopper. A quality paint job from a experienced decorator is all that’s needed.

Painting a house involves excellent preparation, hard physical labour and the skilled application of quality materials. Cutting corners is not a option, there’s to much money to be wasted in a poorly executed job. Good exterior decoration can last from three to six years, and is well worth the effort.

Decorative Interiors of Brighton has over 25 years experience and offers a professional exterior decoration service.

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