Decorative-Interiors-Interior-Decorating-Brighton-400x570Painting and decorating is one of the most undervalued trades, simply because everyone thinks they can do it for themselves. In fact, the paint finish – the bit that is seen, and perhaps even more importantly the hidden preparation beneath it – that are the very things that makes all the difference between a good job and a bad job.

A really good interior decorator can transform an unattractive house, while a bad decorator can ruin a lovely one. This is the one area where people think they can cut costs – often with disastrous results!

With 25 years experience, Brighton based Decorative Interiors has the know-how to decorate your home to the standard you would expect from a dedicated, caring professional.

Painting and decorating a house involves excellent preparation, hard physical labour and the skilled application of quality materials. Cutting corners is not a option, there’s to much of your hard earned money to be wasted in a poorly executed job, and for us there is a hard earned reputation to lose.

We understand that painting and decorating people’s homes requires not just care and attention but respect. It’s after all your home and not a building site. That’s why we take extra care to protect your furnishings and floor covering and to minimise any disruption to you and your family.





wallpapering,-01,-400x300Wallpaper hanging is a job best left to a professional if you want to avoid unattractive expensive mistakes.

Wallpaper became a very popular decorative finish in the first half of the 20th century. Apart from offering an attractive finish wallpaper was used to hide a multitude of sins (poor plastering, cracks in the walls and other imperfections in the walls).

By the latter half of the 20th century paper hanging had gone pretty much out of fashion, this has lead to many decorators losing the knowledge and skill to carry out successful and durable paper hanging. Often the results of poor wallpapering do not reveal their selves in their full horror until sometimes weeks or months after completion.

Decorative Interiors of Brighton has over 25 years experience and offers a professional wallpaper hanging services,

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