Decorative-Interiors-Exterior-Sash-Window-Decorating-Brighton-240x500During the last 50 years or so, sash windows had declined in popularity but they are now experiencing a big revival.

Timber sash windows help to maintain the traditional appearance of a home and as a consequence are often particularly sought after by home buyers.

For many parts of Brighton, ripping out sash windows and replacing them with modern upvc equivelants is not an option, unless planning permission is granted.

Brighton & Hove City Council views traditional timber windows and doors as fundamental elements of the street scene, which can be harmed by the intrusion of new designs and finishes. In particular replacement UPVC doors and windows will not normally be granted planning permission.

To find out if your home or premises is subject to any such restrictions you can access further information by clicking on the link below.
Conservation Areas. In Brighton & Hove

Poorly maintained sash windows can be a pain and will reduce the sale-ability of your property and inevitably lower it’s value. You cannot ignore the condition of their decoration, as if sash windows are left exposed to the element for long periods of time they will suffer from flaking paintwork and missing putty, which creates the ideal environment for moisture to penetrate the underlying timber leading to expensive to repair rot and decay.

Painting sash windows is a job best left to a professional if you want to achieve a durable long lasting finish and avoid sticking or jammed windows.

Its very much a specialist job, due to the intricacies of sash window frames there are a lot of hard to get to area timber that are obstructed by other members of the frame. Perfect preparation and the skilled application of quality materials is essential due to the way in inner sash and out sash frames tightly fit together.

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